14 August 2010

Special for ...

He's very cute

He's funny

He's sexy

He got a huge brain

He makes the cutest facial expressions

He takes such a good care of me

He's strong in himself

He makes my heart melt

He listens to me

He's fun

He's an honorable man

He's very creative

He's passionate

He sings to me

He's considerate

He takes risks

He likes to grow

He gives me sweet smile

He's inspiring

He's a big nerd

He kisses my hand

He's a big, strong man

He's confident

He's a leader

He's an independent thinker

He's an adventurer

He's macho

He's hot

He tells the truth

He likes to help people

He tells me i am beautiful

He makes me feel special

He's awesome!


p/s:bila boleh berbuka puasa dgn kamu..?=)

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