26 February 2011

Gambar camping~

Location: Cope Adventure, Ampang.

all this pictas are from ellmiesupreme. thanks dear fren...tertunggu-tunggu jugak gambar dari korang :)
ada lagi yang tak terupload.hehe...

lets have a look my pic without makeup...

ye...saya gemok saya ok.

actually,memang tak bajet pon at the end of our session ada here in da pic are stuff that i u can see t-shirt muslimah and tudung syria yang disayangi.orang lain pakai tudung busuk,saya pakai tudung cantik+disayangi masuk hutan.but luckily, tudung tak carik or apa-apa la.alhamdulillah...

 from the left: teha,me,naz and biha :)

and again,saya gemok saya ok :')

 one of the activity...obtaining water from plant. the water so delicious, taste herbs and a bit 'payau'.
agaga... ellmiesupreme tengah menikmati kelazatan alam ;)

 other interesting activity which is making natural torches. hidup John Paul! =D

we are to construct the shelters...

 my best frens with me :)

 love dis uncle so much as he very respect muslim's responsibilities...

 doing a scene in hantu kak limah's movie :)

happy..happy and happy...hope this ukhuwah remains forever ;)