09 June 2012

Meet My Girlfriends!

Again.we met up at Teluk Intan, for another wed! sigh...
Very tired journey, began at 10am till 5pm! the wed already end.but still have some foods to eat.Alhamdulillah.

So, lets the pics talk!

* amek berkat *

mencapub before makan :-)

the foods!

kami berempat still single; then harus melihat kebahagiaan org lain while didn't stop pray and pray to Allah for our future :')

pengantin kita...Puan Nor'atiqah :-)

and me! in mood perasan nk jadi pengantin! :P

ok! tito dulu.bye.assalamualaikum.

Lots of love,
Ida :)

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