16 October 2013

Papago GPS to let go!


aku nak jual Papago aku.sbb tak pernah guna.aku terer tengok signboard lagi.hihi...

so tanpa membuang masa, ni details pasal GPS aku, berserta gambar:-

Brand WayWay Q4035 (4.3") imported by M3 Asia Sdn.Bhd.

This GPS I bought on last Feb, but never been used.

muka depan kotak.

What are the features?

-Realistic 3D landmarks & buildings
-Complete with real junction views for easier navigation
-Voice guidance available
-Text to speech (announcement of road names)
-Route type avoidance, e.g. option for highways, toll routes, etc.
-Multi-point route planning & optimization
-Includes travel guide feature
-Multi language Support (English, Malay,Mandarin,Cantonese, Indonesia,Thai


What's in the box:

-1 pc x WayWay GPS Navigator (with screen protector)
-1 pc x vehicle suction cup mount
-1 pc x WayWay mounting disk
-1 pc x Vehicle power cable
-1 pc x Video in cable
-1 pc x USB cable
-1 pc x User manual

things inside the box. COMPLETE.

Warranty until Feb next year.

I bought this on last Feb RM379.

Now wanna let go RM300 (negotiable include postage). Still new darlsss!!!


drop me an email to :-

for serious buyer only! First come, first serve! =)

Thanks darl!

Sold to Anis Salsabila Edrus, UKM Bangi :)

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