15 December 2010


assalamualaikum n a very good evening everyone..

hope u guys in a besttt condition ever after! i dont want to talk more this time..because i've got something to do n  focusing on...just a lil bit about my previous entry.

i just want to highlight that,as u oll's know,this is my personal blog right?sooo,i will talk (not talk actually write) about me myself n others who i love the most! sometimes,the title itself don't reflect the entry,n sometimes i also talk rubbish.if u don't like the way i expressed my idea,feelings or so on,i dont mind n its up to you,i really dont care.

the thing is,i am a soft-hearted girl with ordinary,the feeling of Love,Hate,Sadness, always occurred in my daily life and this blog is a medium to express my feelings.when people (commonly/usually ANONYMOUS) said im always talking all about nonsense,rubbish,personal,love,expose boyfriend or what so ever,and its a kind of something that make u feel disgusting,menyampah,loya or what so ever,kindly leave my blog is not a kind of journal,facts etc...

i appreciate for those kind of "tazkirah" from Anon yang sangattt baikkk...but then,for what purpose u becoming Anon?i can set up the setting to not allowed anonymous but i dont want, i can just read but not moderate the comment made by Anon but i also dont want...can u imagine if u cant drop a comment as Anon,do u will give me tazkirah using ur own real name? u dont brave enough rite?;p

i want to make this simple..if u brave enough,just introduce urself...i dont want to eat u ;p

and for Anon who said im sweet with my sis outfit,thank u very much n let me know who u r :)


asna cute said...

Alaa yang.. abaikan jer la. xlama mane pun anoy nie tahan. lepas kita mekak2 nti lg galak dorg nk kacau or mybe dorg xmasuk dah blog kita. Most of them is jump & jump from blog to another. Dont worry so much. Write what ever you want okey =))

Sayer Best said...

ko ptut jgn wat anon=coward,tapi anon=annoying..huhuhu

tp aku rse btul la,klu kte mkin layankan,mkin rjin dorng msuk.Macam aku tak ske org promote blog kt chatbox,mkin aku wat entri kutuk2,makin dorng rjin msuk.

takpun,ko jgn la wat entri sedih2 sgt,mkin dorng ske kot

Anonymous said...

yes....your fren r rite, so dont talk that rubbish

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel