02 December 2010

Soo sorry! (entri rintihan 1)

salam...dear all of my blog readers...i know u always stop by my blog.i really appreciate all of u.but im so sorry because i can't visit ur connection at here is very very likes siput or kura-kura ;(
so that i can't blogwalking like im always do..sorry again...

i really want to join GA from sabah giveaway ;(

i love to join contest by atiqah adnan ;(

n thanks a lot to my top commentators...farah rainbowskylittle,wana,omurice,and the other silent readers of my blog.

by the way,if u dont mind,i really need ur opinion because i wanna buy a present for my beloved gentleman but i have no ideas on what i think suitable to give him as a birthday present...wanna make surprise for him ;)

ok till then,bye! ^^

1 comment:

rainbowskittle said...

hadiah untuk laki adalah sangat susah ! cd of his fevret band? a concert ticket? ada ke konsert ujung2 tahun ni? a brand new wallet ?

pilih pilih :)