01 December 2010

Visi lagi ;)

entry ini ialah kesinambungan entri yang sebelum nie,tentang misi dan visi saya :)

thanks a lot for reading this entry.i am sure that all of us have a achieve our dreams,we must have a strong vision.besides becoming success in career,i also have a dreams in my personal life.i always wanted to get married on 2012.i dont know why i choose that year.i dont want to get married now! i dont want to get married on 2011! and i also dont want to get married on 2013! i want 2012!

besides that,do i can have 11 children??? haha..this is his request..he said he wanna build a rugby team ;) i dont know whether he just kidding or not,but then he really serious... so,my vision is,i wanna have 2 children at my age 30.

my other vision is,i want to be self-employer after my age 40.but then,i dont know yet what kind of business im interested with.i hope after completing this programme,i will know whether im interested in doing biotech products or else.

thats all my vision during this moment ;) i hope i can achieve them! chaiyok!!!


Sayer Best said...

May all your wishes come true.Look forward,catch your dream,and never forget to ask guidance from the almighty~

{Verily, with every difficulty there is relief}Insyirah:5

rainbowskittle said...

sebelas? penat oih nak beranak. dr skunk ta kasi beranak bnyak , ta boleh ta boleh.

omurice said...

caiyok...u can do it..

iDa_MutHiaH said...

dearie farah: yeke?hihi...gurau je la^^

dearie omurice:insyaallah..;)