09 September 2011

MAYSAA Newsletter!

hi pretty ladies! just got this newsletter last month. i really adore this scarves. i already have the black one so can't wait to have blue and white :-)

its so simple to wear yet adorable.

even though there are many local on9 shop try to copycat this style of scarves, but trust me it doesn't look alike no matter in term of material and quality.

i said that because before raya i bought the copycat version of maysaa and i regretted! the zip doesn't work at all plus the blog owner till now doesn't pay back my balances. its definitely lower price,rm70 when compared with the real one rm110 but the quality is zero!

now let us buy the original one from Maysaa...

and one more thing, who said only Hana Tajima looks beautiful wearing this scarf? us also can look beautiful wearing it if we really confident and show our comfy :-)


asna cute said...

cept beli n update sini pki skaf tue ya ;)

i d a ❤ k h u z a i m i said...

tggu gaji next, next and next month la asna ^^