30 October 2011

To Nuffnang!

Dear Nuffnang...
i want to thank you for giving me a buffered earning, even though not so many people stalk my blog everyday. thanks again! im very happy u know. i cant wait to cash out my 2nd earnings! :) yeah! 2nd! before this i forgot to publish my excitement cashed out rm50..eheheheee ^__^

 i think this time i will waiting for my earning to become more and more!

besides, i also got this voucher from Nuffnang. its like a Cool Blog. the drink which is having pearl inside! i think all Nuffnangers got this voucher rite? so lets having this delicious drink!

this is the short update from me (yeah every update was short rite? -__-, too lazy to type long entries, short is better! )


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