26 November 2011


Hi dear!!!
mempersembahkan Panettone bread buatan saya! ;)

sedap bagai menjilat jari kot...hisss...

nak tau sejarah di sebalik Panettone? nie ha...i copy paste directly from google..hehe...

There are many variations of a romantic legend about the origins of panettone. Supposedly, there was a Milanese baker named Toni who had a beautiful daughter. A young man who worked for Toni wanted to marry this daughter. In an attempt to win the father's approval, the young man created a special sweet bread filled with fruits and other rich ingredients. The bread made Toni's bakery famous. People began to call the bread "pan ad Toni" or Toni's bread. Toni became wealthy and, needless to say, allowed the young man to marry his daughter.

Sweet kan??? tak sabar nak suap Panettone hasil air tangan i utk kujaimi bestday dia nanti, Dec 25th :P

now,kami buat premix utk roti utk Ae*n dan lain2...

u must try k? ok dear bye! :-)

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