30 November 2010

Dalam hidup mesti kena ada visi dan misi

assalamualaikum..lama rasa tak update blog nie,sebab saya baru habis orientasi dengan Biotech sangat.dah la buat kat hotel 5 star,tidur dengan aman dan nyenyak..even hotel tue dalam KL,tapi tak terasa la kesibukan kota sangat,kalau tak boleh honeymoon kat oversea pun,dapat kat hotel tue pon jadi la..nak tau hotel apa?hotel istana la kat raja chulan :)  asyik makan saja,rasa dah naik berat nie..kiki...

best dengar dan fahami talk oleh Dr.Nal dari Usm.dia nie memang pakar bab agricultural biotechnology.dia cakap,sape2 yang dapat offer untuk program nie should be thankful because you are paid for this programme,allowance dapat every month.ada ke orang nak bagi ilmu kalau tak berbayar? tak ada kan? the government is a tax payer for us in this programme.about rm30 thousands per head are paid by government..after 3 months,there will be a big graduation ceremony for all of us :)
and also we will get the GMP and HACCP certificates from MARDI.the fresh graduates whose enter this programme are 1 step forward than the other fresh graduates..

its also depends on us whether we want to pursue Master in Sciences or grab the job opportunities after 3 months attending this programme.this is because,a part of having a scientist to do research, the biotech industry also need pillars who will support the research done by the scientist.and according to Dr.Nal,we must take time before pursue master because we need to truly know our field of interests and this can be achieved by attending such programme. i have improve my english after joined this programme? ;p enter biotech industry,i really need to polish my english.there are many fresh graduates here from usm,um,upm,unikl,utm,umt,ukm and so on...but i really enjoy n can make friend with them because there all very talkative and friendly..;)

today,we are sharing our final year project among all of us ;)
im happy to hear about the others topic,so interesting..some of them was about tissue culture,the use of sugarcane and molasses in producing bioethanol, the study of gene that control the color of hybrid orchid,..eventhough we came from biotechnology background,but the study done in many branches of biotech such as bioprocess engineering,genetics,enviromental,aquaculture,biomedical engineering etc.

ok lah colleagues n I cant wait for the class just to start tomorrow :)
i promise myself to use this kind of opportunity as a platform to enter the world of challenging Biotechnology :)

bye! ^^


rainbowskittle said...

oo biotech . hebat hebat

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih banyak untuk menulis ini, itu unbelieveably informatif dan menceritakan ton.